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Francois-Xavier.Alario # univ-amu.fr
Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive
CNRS & Aix-Marseille Université
Centre St Charles
3 place Victor Hugo (Bâtiment 9, Case D)
13331 Marseille CEDEX 3 - France
+33 4 13 55 09 72

F.-Xavier ALARIO English pages

I am a senior CNRS researcher in cognitive science at the Laboratoire de Psychologie Cognitive, where I investigate the cognitive and neural mechanisms that allow speakers to produce language. Issues I am especially interested in include the processes by which speakers select the words needed to express ideas, and the processes by which the form of these words (phonology & orthography) is encoded.

This research is based on experiments conducted with healthy or brain damaged individuals. We use a variety of methods (e.g. analysis of error patterns and response times, electro-encephalography, etc.)

Part of this work is funded by the Europeran Research Council:.

Current collaborators include

  • Carlos Hamame, post-doc

  • Anaïs Llorens, neuroscience PhD student
    Spatio-temporal dynamics of lexical selection (co-dir. Cath. Liégeois-Chauvel)

  • Jasmin Sadat Schaffai, psychology PhD student
    Lexical processing in bilingual speakers (co-dir. Albert Costa)

  • Dashiel Munding, psychology PhD student
    Lexico=semantic processing in language production(co-dir. Marieke Longcamp)

By the way, are you looking for the
International Workshops on Language Production?

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