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Vendredi 14 mars / Friday, March 14th
(Salle des Professeurs, 2nd  floor)

9h Accueil des participants / registration and welcome

9h30 Présentation / introduction

9h45 Channel-Crossing, Crossing channels, Part One – Chair: Michael HINCHLIFFE (Université de Provence)

Alice BYRNE (Université de Provence): “From the People’s War to the Cold War: British Culture as Portrayed by Britain To-day”
Sophie ALATORRE (Université de Provence): “‘Englishing’ Alector ou le coq: Elizabethan Translation and Its Cultural Transformations”
Ana VADILLO (University of Exeter): “Channel Tunnel: The Aesthetic Transformations of A. Mary F. Robinson”

10h45 Débat et pause-café / discussion and coffee

11h15 Channel-Crossing, Crossing channels, Part Two  – Chair: Elizabeth JAY (Oxford-Brookes)

Linda PILLIÈRE (Université du Littoral-Côte d’Opale): “Cultural Transformations in American Editions of British Novels”
Lydia MARTIN (Université de Provence) : “Jane Austen in H/B/K-ollywood”
12h Débat / discussion

12h30-14h30 Déjeuner / Lunch

14h30 International, Classic(al) and Vernacular Cultures – Chair: Richard PHELAN (Université de Provence)

Stephen SAWYER (University of Chicago in Paris): “Locating Chicago: Louis Sullivan and the Social Foundations of Urban Form”
Robin LYDENBERG (Boston College): “The Transformation of Site: Artistic Intervention and Cultural Change”
Antonia SAGREDO (Universidad Nacional de Educacion a Distancia, Madrid): “Popular Celebrations and Everyday Festivities in English-Speaking Countries”

15h30 Débat et pause-café / discussion and coffee

16h00 Conférence plénière de Rob POPE (Oxford Brookes) / Keynote address by Rob POPE (Oxford Brookes): “Transforming Culture, Rewriting Texts: the Ten Commandments as Chronotope and Creative Resource”

20h00 dîner en ville / dinner in town


Samedi 15 mars / Saturday, March 15th
(Salle des professeurs, 2ème étage)

9h Culture and its Discontents – Chair: Hélène CHRISTOL  (Université de Provence)

Siham ARFAOUI (Université de Jendouba, Tunisie): “Revisiting the Gender Transformations in Maxine Hong Kingston’s The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts and China Men”
Richard PHELAN (Université de Provence): “From Apartheid to Aids: A Transferable Icon?”
Michael HINCHLIFFE (Université de Provence) : “A Terrain Over-run by the Enemy: Cultural Transformations According to David Jones”

10h Débat et pause-café / discussion and coffee

10h30 Founding Texts, Founding Cultures, Founding Languages – Chair: Nathalie BERNARD (Université de Provence)

Cécile ROUDEAU (E.N.S. Ulm) : “‘The Superiority of the Vulgar’: In Search of an American Idiom in 19th-Century Language Reforms”
Elisabeth JAY (Oxford Brookes): “The Same Yesterday, Today and For Ever? Biblical Quotation in the 19th-Century Novel”
Mélanie JOSEPH-VILAIN (Université de Bourgogne): “Cultural Transformations in Charles Mungoshi’s Waiting For the Rain”
11h30 Débat / discussion

12h-14h00 Déjeuner / lunch

14h00 Revisiting the Canon and Cultural Icons – Chair: Rob POPE (Oxford-Brookes)

Gail MARSHALL (Oxford Brookes): “Shakespeare’s Cultural Transformations in the 19th Century”
Petros DOVOLIS (Diwan University, Taiwan): “Oscar Wilde’s last Shakespearean Self-Fashioning: The Ballad of Reading Gaol”
Audrey SABATHIER (Université de Provence): “The Art of Francis Bacon, J.M. Basquiat and Tom Wesselman as the Locus of Cultural Transformations”
Tsu-Chung SU (National Taiwan Normal University: “Peter Brook’s Artaudian Turn: The Theatre and its Double and its Cultural Transformations in Peter Brook”
Débat / discussion

15h30 Fin du colloque / end of the conference

Organising Committee
Cécile Cottenet (Université de Provence), Gail Marshall (Oxford Brookes), Jean-Christophe Murat (Université de Provence),  and Nathalie Vanfasse (Université de Provence)

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