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Fagot Joël, Directeur de Recherche CNRS

          Université d'Aix - Marseille, Pôle 3C, LPC/CNRS/UMR7290
          3 Place Victor Hugo, Bât. 9, Case D
          13331 Marseille cedex 1

          Email: Joel.Fagot@univ-amu.fr
          Office : (33) (0)4 13 55 09 79

          CCDP research station : (33) (0)4 42 99 24 51

Research Interests:

          My work aims to understand perception (perceptual grouping), attention, memory, categorization and concept formation processes in nonhuman primates. My main species of interest is the baboon, though cross-species studies are also conducted in a comparative perspective. See my behavioral research protocols here

          Je m'intéresse à cognition du primate non humain en adoptant une perspective de psychologie comparée. L'espèce étudiée est le babouin, mais des collaborations m'amènent à étudier d'autres espèces ainsi que des sujets humains. Pour une présentation des procédures comportementales utilisées, cliquez ici.



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  • Maugard, A., Wasserman, E., A., Castro, L. & Fagot, J. (2014). Effects of training condition on the contribution of specific items to relational processing in baboons (Papio papio). Animal Cognition, 17, 911–924. PDF
  • Hannagan T, Ziegler JC, Dufau S, Fagot J, Grainger J (2014) Deep Learning of Orthographic Representations in Baboons. PLoS ONE 9(1): e84843. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0084843. PDF
  • Fagot, J. & Maugard, J. (2013). Analogical reasoning in baboons (Papio Papio) : Flexible encoding of the source relation depending on the target relation. Learning & Behavior, 41, 229-37. Psychonomic Society 2013 Best Article Award. PDF
  • Fagot, J., Gullstrand, J., Kemp, C., Defilles, C. & Mekaouche, M. (2013). Effects of freely accessible computerized test systems on the spontaneous behaviors and stress level of Guinea baboons (Papio papio). American Journal of Primatology. PDF
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  • Ziegler, JC, Dufau, S, Montant, M. Hannagan, T., Fagot, J. & Grainger, J. (2013, in press). What Can We Learn From Humans About Orthographic Processing in Monkeys? A Reply to Frost and Keuleers (2013). Psychological Science, 24, 1870-1871. 
  • Maugard, A., Marzouki, Y. & Fagot, J. (2013). Contribution of Working Memory Processes to Relational Matching-to-Sample Performance in Baboons (Papio papio). Journal of Comparative Psychology, 127, 4, 370. PDF
  • Grainger, J., Dufau, S, Montant, M, Ziegler, J.C & Fagot, J. (2012). Orthographic processing in baboons. Science, 336, 245-248. PDF
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  • Davidoff, J. Goldstein, J., Tharp, I, Wakui, E. & Fagot, J. (2012). Perceptual and categorical judgements of color similarity. Journal of Cognitive Psychology, 24,871-892. PDF 
  • Rey, A., Perruchet, P. & Fagot, J. (2012). Centre-Embedded structures are a by-product of associative learning and working memory constraints: Evidence from baboons (Papio papio). Cognition, 123, 180-184. PDF 


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